Key Skills Support Programme Cymru

Key Skills are an interrelating set of transferable skills underpinning both study and employability. They are recognised and accredited. Key Skills Support Programme Cymru, funded by the National Assembly for Wales, supports teachers and managers in schools and colleges in Wales.

About the KSSPC

This combines two formerly separately held networks. It provides information, support and general networking amongst practitioners and managers with a remit for widening participation and addressing issues of social inclusion, learners with special needs and those involved in promotion of inclusive learning practice within providers of post-16 learning.

Information and Learning Technology Network

Dysg networks are run with the support of the Welsh Assembly Government and are provided free of charge to support practitioners in post-16 learning.

The ILT network exists to support the work of managers/practitioners involved in ILT across the range of provision of post-16 learning, in schools, colleges, work-based learning, training providers and community learning.

The network will:

enable access and disseminate appropriate information to promote the use of technology as a learning tool
promote the sharing of experience and activity in order to identify and promote good practise
promote the effective use of e-learning in order to widen the participation of ILT
facilitate development of mutually beneficial collaboration
identify and promote sharing of available resources
provide support and training to promote the effective use of e-learning and ILT