This is a network for managers overseeing staff development and training provision for post-16 learning practitioners. It will link into the development in Wales of leadership training for the post-16 sector and seek to identify and promote discussion of relevant personnel and organisational issues.

Learning Provision and Development Network

This network provides information, support and facilitates general networking amongst practitioners and managers with a remit for planning provision and curriculum development within providers of post-16 learning (LEAs, training providers, community learning providers, schools, colleges, etc.). Presentations of all Wales relevance are made available over a video link with further regional information and discussion.

Next meeting: 3 March

These are regional meetings aimed at promoting the value of introducing key skills as part of curriculum planning at both key stage 3 and 4. Many schools have already begun to develop strategies that embrace the need to make sure all learners have the underpinning skills in order that they can study effectively, make strategic and informed decisions, work independently and in groups and meet targets and deadlines. These meetings provide an opportunity for teachers, managers, LEA advisors and others who are involved in the development of learners at both key stage 3 and 4 to learn new ideas and share best practice in order to raise achievement in both teaching and learning.