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Mississauga Criminal Lawyers provide first-class representation to individuals facing criminal charges from theft and drug possession to domestic assault and sexual assault. Our firm has long-term experience and some of the best specialized lawyers in the local area. Our clients receive full representation at bail hearings, trials and appeals. Our team will be there for you at all times. We will use all of our expertise and talent to protect your rights.

Skilled Specialists

Knowledge, professional skills and experience are the main factors making criminal lawyers Mississauga successful. All of our counselors possess them and work with determination and resilience to provide the best legal services. The attorneys on our team have received their education at the top institutions in Canada and have narrow specialization in criminal law. Each of our legal team members possess exceptional professional skills and excellent interpersonal skills as well. Our support staff consists of highly qualified individuals who do their job excellently to ensure that the legal work and the communication with the clients go smoothly at all times.

Our lawyers have litigated criminal cases of various sizes and levels of complexity. We are very proud of our record of achievement and intend to accomplish even greater things in the future. Our solid background and our zeal to constantly evolve and stay up to date with the latest trends in the legal profession make us a top choice for those charged with a Criminal Code offence.

Personal Attention

We understand perfectly how serious and stressful it is for an individual to be charged with a crime. That is why your legal counselor and our whole team will be by your side from the moment you reach us for assistance. You will always be welcome to ask questions and will receive detailed answers timely. All procedures and processes will be explained to you. We will ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible in the situation that has arisen.

Rely on Mississauga Criminal Lawyers for sexual assault to fight for you by combining deep knowledge of the Canadian legal system, skills and passion. The building of a strong and completely foolproof defence strategy is our specialty. Your lawyer will implement it meticulously using extensive expertise built over years of working in the field of criminal law. The focus is always on achieving the best end result.

Usually, sexual assault cases are complicated by nature due to the fact that they involve different types of evidence including scientific evidence like DNA tests. There are also various psychological aspects that have to be considered. Even though there are clear legal definitions of terms such as “consent” there are many different layers to them and they are subject to interpretation.

In this challenging situation, you can count on Sexual Assault Lawyer Mississauga to provide brilliant legal defence. Your legal counsel will first study the case in detail and find as much as possible about the complainant. Armed with this valuable information, our professional will develop a solid strategy based on the most effective tools for defence. Other experts will be summoned to provide support if required. The list can include private investigators and science specialists.

One of our top priorities is to prepare you for the road that lies ahead in the most effective way possible. You will have our full attention and support at all times. Feel free to talk to your lawyer about anything that concerns you and you will receive a thorough answer to every question. Our whole team will be available to assist you with anything that you might need. We will do our best to ensure that you have confidence throughout the whole process.

Your Sexual Assault Lawyer Mississauga will implement the precisely defined strategy for defending your case excellently with zeal and hard work. The risk of unpleasant surprises will be reduced to the minimum. Our goal is always results-orientated.