Since they are highly specific and often emotionally charged for all parties involved, domestic assault allegations should always be taken seriously. Another reason for this is that such cases are handled by specialized prosecutors who are known to be very strict in applying the law. If you face Criminal Code charges that fall into this category, it is imperative that you seek the professional assistance of the best Domestic Assault Lawyer Mississauga timely. Our team is readily available to provide legal services of the highest quality.

From us, you will receive full legal advice and representation at all stages of the legal process from the bail hearing and the trial to the appeal, if there is any. All our criminal lawyers are fully prepared to litigate domestic assault cases. We have extensive and highly diverse experience in this field. Over the years, our specialists have sharpened their skills and enriched the range of tools used for achieving success. Our achievements give us confidence that we can handle even the most complicated cases.

When you face domestic assault charges, many things may change for you. One of the reasons for this is that the court may prohibit contact between you and the complainant during the trial. If you two still live together, this will certainly pose additional difficulties for you. The important thing is that your Criminal lawyer Mississauga will always be by your side and do everything necessary to make things as easy for you as possible. The work begins with studying the case in depth. The analysis will help your counsel to identify the best defence tools and include them in an all-encompassing strategy that will be implemented. You can rely completely on the expertise and zeal of the specialist who will work for you.

Why are domestic violence charges so serious?

Targeting domestic violence cases is one of the top priorities for police and prosecutors in Ontario. The federal and provincial governments have declared domestic violence a “zero-tolerance” crime. Statistics Canada, in its comprehensive Uniform Crime Reporting Survey, found that 1 in 5 violent offences are domestic in nature, as are 1 in every 4 homicides.

As a result of a few high-profile murders and historical unfairness in the law, laws and policies have been written that make it mandatory for police and prosecutors to investigate and prosecute every allegation and 911 call of domestic abuse to the full extent of the law. These “pro-charging” and “pro-prosecution” policies are in full force and effect throughout Ontario.

The Criminal Code lists domestic violence as an “aggravating factor” for sentencing, which means that if you are found guilty of a criminal offence involving domestic violence, the penalty will be harsher. Also, the consequences of a criminal record can affect your ability to work, to travel to the United States, and your immigration status if you are not a Canadian citizen.

You will receive all the support that you require from your lawyer and from all other members of our team involved in your case. You will be excellently prepared for all hearings. We will do everything to boost your confidence as well. You will always be welcome to ask questions. Expect to receive detailed answers and full explanations without delay.

Your Domestic Assault Lawyer Mississauga will follow the initially set strategy and use their talent and skills to defend you in the best way possible. The focus will be on achieving the goals identified in advance. Rely fully on the hard work, knowledge and determination that the professional will put in.