Drug Trafficking Crimes

Drug trafficking is a very serious crime that affects people in every level of society. People who use drugs recreationally might feel that their drug use only has an impact on their own life. The fact is that anyone who buys drugs from a supplier is involved in drug trafficking and supporting this criminal activity. Without a market for drugs, dealers wouldn’t supply them, it’s as simple as that. Due to this, any buyer and recreational drug user is part of the drug trafficking problem, and if they are caught they will face serious consequences.

If you have been charged with selling drugs, you will likely need to retain a drug crime lawyer to act in your defense. A drug lawyer will know the specific laws regarding drug crime and will be able to create a defense on your behalf. This is important, as the laws regarding drug use are serious, and the penalties are potentially very severe.

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Solid Defence

Why is it important for a criminal law firm to create a solid defense should you be charged with a crime? Judges have a great deal of flexibility in sentencing for drug-related offenses. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced and skilled drug crime lawyer working with you to create a solid defense. A good defense strategy can help to convince a judge to give a defendant a lesser penalty.

A judge hearing a drug case can choose from several possible levels of punishment, from an absolute discharge, a conditional discharge, to a suspended sentence, a fine or imprisonment. Depending on the crime and the circumstances surrounding it, a drug lawyer may be able to build a strategy that convinces a judge to be more lenient in sentencing.

There are also degrees of involvement in drug cases that will affect the penalties. Courts look at trafficking in degrees from simple social sharing of drugs, to a petty retail operation to a full-time commercial operation. The level of seriousness of the crime operation would ultimately influence the penalty given.

The other aspect in sentencing is the background of the person charged with the drug-related crime. The courts will examine the strategy put forth by the lawyer and pay close attention to the key aspects of the defendent’s involvement in the crime. Other aspects would include the offender’s level of involvement in the drug sales, their criminal record, the amount of planning involved in the crime, and whether or not one or more drugs were being dealt at the same time.

Get the Experienced Lawyer You Need

We have always placed major importance on the preparation of the client for all stages of the process from the bail hearing to the trail and possibly the appeal. You will receive full personal attention from your lawyer and from all specialists on our team involved in your case. You will get detailed advice, instructions and answers to all questions that you might have. We will do our best to give you confidence.

Expect your Drug Lawyer Mississauga to fight for you with full dedication. No matter how long or complex the battle is, your counsel will always do their best to provide brilliant defence following the strategy set in advance. You can rely completely on the lawyer’s skills and expertise when it comes to dealing with obstacles. Success will be pursued restlessly.

If you have been involved in the sale of drugs and are charged with a crime, it’s important to retain an experienced lawyer right away. Don’t wait, call today.